Best skateparks in the world

Best skateparks in the world

best skateparks in the world

The Best 9 Skateparks In The World


When you are into skateboarding, you’ll always trying to find the best skateboards. While sometimes you are able to find a good skatepark near home, other times you just want to travel to see a specific skatepark in the other side of the world.


While this list was created using some personal preferences, the skate parks are not displayed in any specific order.


Between indoors and outdoors, beginner and hardcore, commercial and public, here are the best 9 skateparks in the world:



#1: Livingston Skatepark (Livi)


Located in Northwood Park, Scotland, the Livingston Skatepark (Livi) is probably the most famous skatepark in the country. It was built in 1981 and it’s one old-school landmark in Europe. Even though it is hard to skate, skaters who manage to do it are real pros.



#2: Skatepark Los Reyes


The Skatepark Los Reyes is in Santiago, Chile and it’s the biggest skatepark of the country. If you want to include a beautiful scenery while you’re skating, nothing better than visiting this outdoor park that features quarterpipes, hubbas, stairs, ledges, multiple bowls, euro-gap, and manual-pad.



#3: Marseille Skatepark (Bowl Marseille)


Located in Marseille, the Marseille Skatepark (Bowl Marseille) is probably the most famous skatepark in France. This outdoor park is amazing besides the fact that it is near the beach and it’s free.



#4: Hyeres Skatepark


The Hyeres Skatepark is also located in France but this time, in Hyeres. This is another outdoor skatepark where you’ll be able to find quarter pipes, flat bars, banks, handrails, ledges, pyramids, double-set, stairs, manual pads, funbox, euro gap, and hips. This skatepark suffered a complete redesign in 2009.



#5: Area 51 Skatepark


Located in Eindhoven, Netherlands, the Area 51 Skatepark is one of the best and largest indoor skateparks in Europe. You can count with handrails, bowls, mini ramps, hips, pyramids, and ledges.

Best skateparks in the world

#6: Strasnice Skatepark


It’s amazing how you can find the most amazing skateparks all over Europe. And the Strasnice Skatepark is no exception. Located in Prague, Czech Republic, this concrete skatepark is one of the destinations on the Quicksilver Bowlriders circuit. You’ll be able to enjoy the quarter pipes, ledges, banks, hubbas, stairs, flat bars, handrails, and bowls.

best skateparks in the world


#7: Burnside Skatepark

best skateparks in the world

Located in Portland, Oregon, you probably already heard or saw the Burnside Skatepark. This outdoor but covered skatepark appears on Tony Hawks games and skate magazines. Created back in 1990, it has expanded and developed in the last years. It is one of the skateparks that is recognized by most skaters all over the world.

best skateparks in the world


#8: SMP Skatepark

best skateparks in the world

The SMP Skatepark is located in China and, just like everything in China is, this is the biggest skatepark on the world as well as it is the one that has the biggest concrete bowl and the biggest ramp. This outdoor skatepark in Xangai really has everything you may want to try out.

best skateparks in the world


#9: Lake Cunningham Regional Skate Park


Located in San Jose, California, the Lake Cunningham Regional Skate Park is a huge outdoor skatepark where you can find ledges, multiple-sized bowls, handrails, banks, hips, cradle, flat bars, vert wall, hubbas, pyramid, and even a full pipe.

best skateparks in the world




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