Cool socks for this winter


Well known for it sock brand trusted by most skaters and surfer Alike people around the world. These socks have one of the best looking designs. They come up on your leg to about below where your shin is or below. I prefer this brand because they have cool designs and they are crazy comfortable on my feet. My favorite pair are the Star wars collection. I would recommend getting a pair because this is one pair of socks that can last. Here’s the link to the website-


This brand is also known for its cool designs too ,but are more alike a novelty sock. These are made so you can impress your friends with what is on our feet. They have most sizes and are made with fabrics, including argyle, cotton, bamboo, lycra, and wool blends. I want to try these socks out because of the Food and animal designs. Here’s the link to the website-

Sock guy

If you want to express yourself through what is on your feet then this brand of sock is for you. The main design is usually on the ankle and above. This is so you can make a statement. This brand also has sports related alethic sock wear too for those early morning runs you want to do ,with extra cushion in the toe and heel areas. Another thing the sell is wool socks to really keep you feet warm during the winter.  Here’s the link to the website-