Hot T-shirts for the beginning of 2017


This is a cool brand that I haven’t gotten yet but I’ve scene a lot of other people wear and it seems like a comfortable shirt and it is 100% cotton to keep you warm. It seems like a more popular brand in more urban areas, and it’s like a more high end brand because of the pricing they give for their products. Some of the prices on t-shirts are at most forty dollars but it looks like that it’s totally worth it.


The Hundreds

I have this brand of t-shirts and they are the thickest, warmest t-shirts that will get you through those winter months. During those winter months, you will look good while at the same time staying warm. “The Hundreds” is a skate brand which is why the shirts they sell are a little thicker. If you were to fall on your back it wouldn’t rip as easily like a regular cotton t-shirt.