Kevin Loves Possible Replacement

Kevin love star forward averaging with 20.7 points per game and 10.7 rebounds which has been his best season for the all star team Cleveland cavilers, has recently been having back issues and will not be playing Thursday nigh against phoenix. This next game will make it his fifth game missed for this season. He also has been out because of a sore knee and food poisoning. James jones will start for love, but coach Tyronn Lue has recently been considering starting newly acquired Kyle Krover to replace the stars spot. This would be an interesting if Korver ever went to the cavs because he has been committed to beating LeBron James. “I’ve spent so many years on the other teams that’s trying to get past Miami, trying to get past Cleveland and they’ve put me into depression for like two weeks after every season it feels like for a lot of years,” Korver said. “Over that time, you respect their game, but develop (a mindset of), ‘Damn! I really want to beat those guys. ‘It’s interesting to come in on the other side, but this locker room is amazing. They’re all great guys. They’ve all been incredibly welcoming to me. Its a really tight group, and its nice to see.”

The first two games Korver played weren’t so good only scoring four points, then once getting use to the team he ended up scoring 29 in the last two including 18 in the last game against the win over Sacramento kings last Friday. “The first couple games, we didn’t really have much put in at all, and we were trying to force me the ball a little bit,” Korver said. “We lost, but you could tell they were trying to get me going, trying to find me and trying to get me this going a little bit.

“Its getting better and better. its great to have a practice here in Cleveland. I get to finally make it to the city. I was a long trip, bit its getting better. I think the more time we spend together, the better chemistry we’re going to have. A lot of what my game is, is based on chemistry, getting a good feel for the guys, them getting a good feel for me and how I play. Every day, it gets a little better.” on the last game trip korver and the cavaliers suffered a 126-91 loss against the warriors. Now Korver will make his home debut with the cavaliers against the phoenix suns.

“I see where we’re going,” Korver said. “I see how its all going to come together. A little bit of me is like, ‘Yeah, we’re 1-3,’but you know, no one around here is panicking. Everybody feels like we’re going to click into the right mode here shortly and be ready to go come playoff time. I’m just following their lead and keep on trying to learn, keep on trying to do my par better.” All and all we will see how this sharpshooting guard does for the rest of these games.