Nice Sunglasses to Wear

Oakley OO9102 HOLBROOK

These glasses were deigned by the world class snowboarder Shawn White. He designed these glasses with that cool classic American look which shows that you are willing to push the limits. These Oakley’s are light and stress-resistant making them cheaper on the wallet only at $129.99. It also comes with a feature that insures that you have a perfect fit by free personal adjustments. It has a oops coverage which means that 50% off a new pair if you damage them within a year. You also have the option to use the 90 day money back guarantee if you buy them and bring the receipt back.



I love this classic look these glasses have because it is that original aviator look that Ray-Ban is known for, while at the same time keeping the UV rays out of your eyes. The eye size for these aviators is 58, the frames are meatal. These Glasses are very universal because it can go with pretty much any outfit. The average price going for these is around about $150.