Trump Picks The UK Ambassator To Be The NY Jets Owner


Woody Johnson Owner of the NY Jets will be our new ambassador for the United Kingdom, after Thursday when president-elect Donald Trump becomes president. Woody is a longtime donor to the republican party originally supporting Jeb bush before he lost in the primaries, now he has shifted his support over to Donald Trump. Before he did that shift toward Trump he started a 2016 campaign as ex-Florida gov. Jeb Bush’s finance chairman. Which caused him to take a critical hit from a tweet by Trump “Woody Johnson, owner of the NY Jets, is Jeb Bush’s finance chairman. If Woody would’ve been w/me, he would’ve been in the playoffs, at least!” Then served as vice chairman of Trumps campaign victory and hosted several fundraisers for him. So, this made Johnson a big-time donor to Trumps presidential bid, and Hosted a number of fundraisers for him later. Since Johnson is going to be the ambassador he reportedly plans to shift ownership of the team to his younger brother (Christopher Wold Johnson). Johnson will be well noted as the NFL increasing to reach overseas specifically into England where four London games will be scheduled for the 2017 season. Which springs up a question like will there one day be a franchise in England if this continues to grow. Although it might be odd to some to see a high-profitable donor to earn places in government but actually it is very common such as the U.K. Johnson which will be replacing Matte Barzun.