Warm Winter Jackets

The Hundreds

These jackets are the coolest and toughest jackets that I know. It will keep you very warm in the winter. This is a wind breaker jacket and some of these jackets are waterproof too, so it will be really good to have when it rains. It will keep you dry from the rain and  keep you warm, but at the same time you will also look good.







The North Face

I LOVE these “North Face” jackets because it will keep you really warm in the harsh winters. Sometimes when I where these kind of jackets, it feels like your wearing a blanket but you’re actually wearing a jacket. When you’re going on a run or  go exercising outside, it will definitely keep you warm outside.









Nike Jackets

I don’t have these jackets, but I have heard they are the best if you want to have a run or something in. Some of these jackets have a lot of air cooling technology in it to keep you from over heating or staying warm. They also have windbreakers which are lighter, and more versatile during most the months because most of them regulate you body heat. Another thing is that they look really cool too for a daily use if you want.