Discover The Best Skate Clothing For You

Discover The Best Skate Clothing For You

Discover The Best Skate Clothing For You ,When you’re choosing the best skate clothing for you, your main concern should be with comfort and not with style. After all, you keep seeing most pro skaters with their tinny jeans and just a t-shirt and they just great. Plus, the only way they are able to make all those awesome tricks that you love is because they are comfortable. When you’re skating, you need to count with fading, tearing, twisting, and even blood. So, it’s better to have flexibility than expensive clothing that you don’t want to ruin.



Here are some factors you should take into consideration regarding your skate clothing:



#1: Pants:

The truth is that you just keep falling when you are skating. So, one of the best things that you can do regarding pants is to wear some that are sturdy and that can offer some kind of protection to your legs. Even though many skaters love wearing shorts, they might not be one of the best options, especially if you’re just getting started in skateboarding.


In terms of materials, you should be fine with cotton, herringbone or canvas. These will not only offer some degree of protection as well as they are breathable.



#2: Shirts:

While if you’re a skateboard beginner you may not know but the truth is that you’ll sweat a lot. This is why you should avoid anything with polyester or nylon. Cotton is always the best choice for you.


The shirts that you choose should allow you to twist, raise your arms, and turn without any problems.



#3: Sweatshirts:

While you may only look at skateboarding as a summer activity, most skateboarders love to do it throughout the entire year. And in some regions, it can get pretty cold.


While when the ground is wet you should avoid the skatepark, the cold is another different story. There are many stores that have acrylic-cotton blend sweaters that are meant for skaters, for example.



#4: Shoes:

In what concerns shoes, they need to have an excellent grip, should be flexible, and have a flat sole. You have many different models and designs to choose from. Some of the most prefered brands by skateboarders include Lakai, Etnies, Adio, Converse, Emerica’s, DC, Circa, Vans, Supra, Fallen, DVSm and ├ęS.



#5: Socks:

The reality is that your feet can suffer a hard time while you’re skateboarding. So, protecting them should be one of your main concerns. As you already know, you’ll tend to sweat a lot. So, wearing socks that are breathable and that are moisture-wicking is crucial. This will allow your foot to be dry all the time. One of the things that you should also consider is to look for socks that include reinforced heels and toes.



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