Making your own skateboard

How To Build A SkateboardĀ 

Making your own skateboardĀ ,Building a skateboard is a lot easier than what you may think. Either if you want to build one new from scratch or just need to replace a certain part of your skateboard, make sure that you keep reading.


Simply put, a skateboard includes a deck with grip tape, bearings, wheels, and trucks.


Here is a list of materials that you will need to build a skateboard:


– the veneer (a hard rock maple for the wood)

– molded press

– router of rasp

– tiebond glue 3 ultimate glue

– painters tape (the blue one)

– band saw or jig saw

– clear coat lacquer and spray paint.



#1: The Veneers:


When you are choosing the veneer, make sure that you use a hard maple. This way, you’re making sure that it won’t break easily.


As soon as you get the veneers, you basically have 3 different types:


– the face, which is the veneer that is only sanded in one of the sides.


– the core layer, which is the veneer that doesn’t have any of the sides sanded.


– the core brand, which is a veneer sheet that is cut going against the grain and not cut with the grain.



The right position for each one of the veneers is the face, the core layer, cross band, the core layer, cross band, core layer, and then face again.


#2: Gluing The Veneers:


As soon as you have all the veneers in place, it’s time to glue them. Just grab the face veneer and put the unsanded side up. Put the glue on it and put the core layer on top of it. Then, glue all the other veneers.


#3: Pressing And Curing:


Now that you already glued all the veneers it’s time to for the pressing process.


Just take two cardboard pieces that should be about 3 inches longer and wider than the unshaped board. Take to mold on its die and put the veneers between the cardboard and the mold. Place 2 4” channel irons and 16” to 20” bolts with washers and nuts on your side.


Place the channel irons at the center of the mold to make sure it gets a good press. To make sure that the cure is strong and good, just let the deck take its shape for about 2 days.


#4: Design The Uncut Deck:


As soon as the pressing and curing are completed, you can take the deck out of the mold as well as remove the cardboard. You will probably have some cardboard pieces that will stick to the uncut. In order to remove them, you can try to chisel it.


As soon as you’re done, it’s time for the design. Just think about what you want and draw a design for it. As soon as you’re ok with it, you can then start marking the trucks so that you can then start to tape and cut the outline.


#5: Cutting The Uncut:


Now, it’s finally the time to cut tea deck out to its shape. The best tool that you can use for this is a band saw because it tends to give you a more accurate cut. However, if you don’t have one you don’t need to buy it only for this. You can also use a little jigsaw.


Then, just take a router of a rasp and curve the edges to make sure that you don’t get slivers. When you’re done, sand the entire deck and use a steel wool of sand paper and hand sand until you see that it is extra smooth. Plus, don’t forget to drill the truck holes.

Making your own skateboard

Making your own skateboard

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