Top Ten Best Skateboard Tricks

All time best skateboard tricks

Top Ten Best Skateboard Tricks, You probably already saw some of the best skaters inn the world doing all those amazing tricks that you know you’ll never be able to do. So have we. And we decided to show you the top 10 best skateboard tricks in our opinion.


The reality is that we will never agree on this list. So, beforehand, this is just a personal opinion.


So, here are the top 10 best skateboard tricks:

#1: Rob Lorifice With An Ollie Backside 360 Big Air gap



Rob Lorifice was really able to do an amazing trick while it seems something that is just simple. And we’re not only talking about dropping in that ramp with that size. He also drifted making it even better.


You really need to take a look at the video.



#2: Rodney Mullen: Everything in this clip




While Rodney Mullen may be one of those names that you don’t know or even if you do, you know that he hasn’t always been that great in skate street, the truth is that Rodney just surprised us with this amazing trick. Top Ten Best Skateboard Tricks



#3: Mark Gonzalez: 50-50 up a kinked Rail, Frontside Nosegrind Out



While we believe no one questions the talent of Mark Gonzalez, if anyone did, they would better shut up after watching this video. Most skaters would just push by that spot without even looking a second time.

Top Ten Best Skateboard Tricks


#4: Bob Burnquist: The Loop of Death



Bob Burnquist has the ability to keep surprising us almost every day with his tricks. However, this time, he was able to perform, in a magnificent way we shall add, a loop of death.

Top Ten Best Skateboard Tricks


#5: Chris Cole: Backside 360 kickflip at the Carlsbad gap




While you may not agree with this entrance on the list because of the landing that could have been better, the truth is that Chris Cole did an amazing trick. And just for that, he has all the right to be here.



#6: Bob Burnquist: Fakie to fakie 900




And it’s Bob Burnquist’s time once again. While you may have seen this video before in another angle, the truth is that this footage is able to show how that ramp in his backyard is really hard.



#7: Jeremy Wray: 18′ gap between two-story-tall water towers



Jeremy Wray really defies gravity in this video. This is one of those tricks that you better be sure that you’re going to make it unless you want to go to the hospital with some bad injuries. And Jeremy did it, in style.



#8: Shaun White: Heelflip Body Varial Frontside 540



While Shaun White’s trick may not be the most beautiful one, we believe no one questions its difficulty. And maybe one of the reasons why he won the gold medal at the X Games.



#9: Dave Bachinsky: 20-stair kickflip




While this trick is hard, we included in this list harder tricks. However, the reason why Dave Bachinsky is here is because of the way he sticks this kickflip.

Top Ten Best Skateboard Tricks


#10: Paul Rodriguez: Switch 360 flip at the Santa Monica triple set



And it’s Paul Rodriguez time with this video shot at Santa Monica. While when you see a whole bunch of stairs you may want to ollie it or do a 360 flip, Paul Rodriguez managed to do it switch. And the result is pretty amazing.

Top Ten Best Skateboard Tricks

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