When was the skateboard invented

When was the skateboard invented

When was the skateboard invented, The skateboard derives from the wooden scooter that some kids used to build at home in the early 1900s. The truth is that during that time, just as now, kids were always looking for ways to be independent earlier. So, they just took some nails, a two-by-four, some roller skates, and a produce crate to make a scooter. While you may think this trend didn’t last too long, it actually did. It lasted up until the 1950s.


Throughout the time, these kids kept making some changes to improve their rides. They made them more beautiful, added more or less heavy materials, among so many other things.


Around the 1950s, they tried to remove all the handles they had in the scooters they were building. And they just kept rolling their scooters without any handles for direction.


And this is how skateboarding started.

 When was the skateboard invented

As you probably know, California was also a place for surfers. The waves and the weather are simply amazing. So, these same surfers got the strangest idea that instead of surfing on the sea, they wanted to try out surfing the streets.


The truth is that no one knows who made the first board. It seems that, at the time, it was mainly a competition to see who was able to build a skateboard first. While many people claimed they were the first ones, no one really knows. And this question lasts up until today.


The first skateboarders, as you can imagine, don’t look alike to the ones that you now see in the different stores. Back then, the first skateboarders actually started out with wooden boards or wooden boxes and using some skate wheels.


The truth is that these first skateboard types did hurt a lot of people at the time. They weren’t safe at all and most people were only starting to get used to them.


For many years, skateboarding wasn’t seen as an activity that everyone wanted to try out. The truth is that it was almost seen as something that belonged to surfers. In fact, for many years, they used to skateboard after they surfed just for the fun of it.


However, with more accidents happening and more people, besides the surfers, getting interested in trying out skateboarding, the big manufacturers entered the game. What was known as the first skateboards no longer exist and they were replaced by planks, first, and then they started to produce decks using pressed layers of wood, pretty similar to the decks you use nowadays.

When was the skateboard invented

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